Salvage and Marine Construction

D.S. Marine Limited were Hong Kong Agents for THE NIPPON SALVAGE COMPANY, LIMITED,  established in 1934 with its base in Moji. NIPPON SALVAGE are experienced and equipped for rapid mobilization of resources for assisting distressed vessels, major marine construction and salvage projects and minimizing environment pollution. NIPPON SALVAGE operates powerful ocean-going salvage tugs available in Japan and China Sea area, maintaining 24-hour, 365-day readiness.  Apart from the rescue and salvage operation, it also provides escort / towage services, underwater welding and patch up, underwater surveys and marine construction.

Although formal agency representation has been recently dscontinued, we are still able to liaise with them to arranage required services. 


Ocean-going Salvage Tug

“Koyo Maru”
“Seiha Maru No.2”
“Wakashio Maru”

M/E 2 x total 10,000 BHP
M/E 2 x 8,200 BHP
M/E 1 x 1,600 BHP 

Bollard Pull 132.5 tons




Coastal Salvage Tug


“Hayashio Maru No.2”

M/E 2 x 1,000 BHP





Salvage Barge




900 DWT with major salvage gears fitted




Multi-purposes Work Barge / Cable Laying Barge